Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cheers To You!

Since I am a second semester senior, it gets really hard to motivate myself to do work. Even though technically grades "don't matter," I want to finish my high school career strong. There's also the fact that teachers still expect you to be on top of your game. That is why I think anyone who needs a bit encourgement would benefit with the critically acclaimed Cheers To You! CD, the original motivational/inspirational cd of encouraging words and applause!

Featured twice on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cheers To You! includes the hottest hits "Great Job" and "Success Is Yours." The hardhitting applause of 30,000 fictional people and the strong vocals of a mysterious man will get you out of your seat to accomplish any goal.

Order it NOW for only $16.95! Check out for samples of some of the cd's most renowned tracks.

"We believeeee in youuuu!" Yup, I'm sold. winny wants it.