Monday, March 16, 2009

Now I Can Nap Anywhere!

Have you ever fallen asleep on your textbook or found yourself lying face first on your keyboard with no recollection of when or how you fell asleep. Well, maybe you should try out Pillow For Work by Polish designer Maja Ganszyniec.

I'll be honest, this product looks a bit ridiculous, but I definately need it. Way too many times have I found myself dazed and confused with bruises on my face after passing out in the middle of studying. Waking up at the peak of dawn and realizing that you still have three unfinished assignments due that morning is the worst feeling in the world. Fortunately, these pillows would ease the pain as they cushion the fall of your heavy head before it pummels onto the table. Despite the inconvenient repercussions of your unexpected nap, at least you rested comfortably.

I just hope Maja Ganszyniec makes a scarf version. Ohh...comfy. winny wants it.
(photo credit: Maja Ganszyniec)


  1. hate to burst your bubble but you might want to make sure they come in different sizes.... XXS?

  2. oh winny.. you find the weirdest things to talk about. hahah.

  3. hahahah thats so smart!!

    why did i think of that!?

    that is so useful for boring classes :P