Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Sense of Humor

What did one wall say to the other wall?
Meet you at the corner!

How do you get 3 Bulbasaur and 5 Charmanders into a car?
You Poke-em-on

What did the snail say when he was riding the turtle?

A mushroom walks into a bar. The bartender go, "You have to leave. We don't serve mushrooms." The mushroom says, "Why not? I'm a Fungi."

funnier jokes?
winny wants them.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What?! It's Soap?

While fumbling around for cleaning products today, I came upon Digital Soaps on I picked out two that I found pretty cool.

I don't really know why I suddenly have this fascination for guy-related stuff lately, but I'm really feeling this Xbox Controller Replica Soap. The colors and texture emulate the real thing pretty well, I must say. At only $12, it's the most realistic soap replica. If you are interested, BUY NOW since they only have 12 in stock and they started sales on Monday.

And then there is this Mocha Cappuccino Cocoa Butter Latte Soap that looks absolutely delicious. It comes with real coffee beans as well as the scent of whipped cream. Although the soap is only $8, there is only ONE left in stock.

Even though these are soap, I'm probably not going to do anything to them but just look at them. winny wants them.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mighty Wallet

Ever thought of express mail paper as a wallet? Well, now you should. The Mighty Wallet is the product of Dynomighty Designs and it is made out of exactly want it looks like, express mail paper. This material is made out of Tyvek, a strong very strong material that owes its strength to randomly interlocking plastic fibers. It is waterproof, tearproof, and amazingly light. Just check out the Youtube video, courtesy of

At only $15, this is the most affordable item on my wishlist yet. Not only is it good for your current wallet, it's made from recyclable material, so it is good for the environment as well.

...and that's mighty awesome. winny wants it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bondified Table

For those who have seen the newest James Bond installment, you would recognize this table, more formally known as the Struktable. Although I really don't need this super-high tech, 70-inch display, illuminating, I am completely inamored with this innovation. The application lets you interact with more than 8 people, as it can pick up an infinite amount of finger touches. That means, more than one person can play with this thing, and it won't get confused. It uses infrared LEDs, an IR camera, projector and computer to function and do all the cool things it's hyped up to do.

Struktable Multitouch Installation from Gregor Hofbauer on Vimeo.

Even though I would not be able to reap the benefits and potential of this machine, I would love to have one of these in my room. I would finally be able to start that secret agent organization I have always dreamed of.

I can be the next M of M12. huang, winny huang wants it.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blooming Branch Jewelry Stand

Studies have shown that plants in a room make the atmosphere more inviting and healthy. Unfortunately, many of us are busy teenages who can care less about watering a plant every day. Plus, real plants invite bugs and bacteria when it dies. But don't get me wrong; if you have the tenacity to take care of a plant, by all means, please do! It's great for the environment! But, for the majority of us who can't, why not have a fake metal one that holds your jewelry. This Blooming Branch Stand is as elegant as its larger counterpart, but better, becuase it won't die. Plus, it holds your necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Oh my!

They sell for $32 and can only be bought through the Urbanoutfitters website,

winny wants it

Lego Ipod Speakers

I saw these Building Blog Ipod Speakers while surfing today. The unconventional design of these speakers really caught my attention. They bring back happy memories of the times I chose not to play with my Barbies and build lego forts with my brother. If you're like me and still want to be a kid as long as possible, these speakers will not only "speak" your music, but also speak your heart. Speakers work with the Nano, Classic, Mini, and Touch at only $25.

Have fun blocking (not in the sense of Statistics).
winny wants it.
photo credit: Urban Outfitters

Monday, March 16, 2009

Now I Can Nap Anywhere!

Have you ever fallen asleep on your textbook or found yourself lying face first on your keyboard with no recollection of when or how you fell asleep. Well, maybe you should try out Pillow For Work by Polish designer Maja Ganszyniec.

I'll be honest, this product looks a bit ridiculous, but I definately need it. Way too many times have I found myself dazed and confused with bruises on my face after passing out in the middle of studying. Waking up at the peak of dawn and realizing that you still have three unfinished assignments due that morning is the worst feeling in the world. Fortunately, these pillows would ease the pain as they cushion the fall of your heavy head before it pummels onto the table. Despite the inconvenient repercussions of your unexpected nap, at least you rested comfortably.

I just hope Maja Ganszyniec makes a scarf version. Ohh...comfy. winny wants it.
(photo credit: Maja Ganszyniec)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cheers To You!

Since I am a second semester senior, it gets really hard to motivate myself to do work. Even though technically grades "don't matter," I want to finish my high school career strong. There's also the fact that teachers still expect you to be on top of your game. That is why I think anyone who needs a bit encourgement would benefit with the critically acclaimed Cheers To You! CD, the original motivational/inspirational cd of encouraging words and applause!

Featured twice on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Cheers To You! includes the hottest hits "Great Job" and "Success Is Yours." The hardhitting applause of 30,000 fictional people and the strong vocals of a mysterious man will get you out of your seat to accomplish any goal.

Order it NOW for only $16.95! Check out for samples of some of the cd's most renowned tracks.

"We believeeee in youuuu!" Yup, I'm sold. winny wants it.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dr. Manhattan's Hands

For those who've watched the new movie Watchmen, you would know the significance of Dr. Manhattan's Hands. These hands won the Vietnam war, teleported his love interest to Mars, and vaporized anything and anyone that blocked his way in acheiving world peace. Although none of us have powers, these hands will give us the same respect as they gave Dr. Manhattan. Just imagine wearing these to school or at the mall. No one will ever mess with you, again.

They're available now for $24 at It's a smart purchase if you are thinking of going into the field world domination.

It's a great fashion statment and will go well with my blue sweater.
And that is why winny wants it.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A little bit of this. A little bit of that.

It's the second week of Cycle 12 of America's Next Top Model, and you know what that means...Model Makeovers! The makeover pictures of the newest group of hopefuls have been released (Check them out here from Yahoo TV) These photos have inspired me to (start thinking of) get (ting)a makeover. There's Kourtnie (right), one of the two plus-sized models in the competition, who got a splash of color and OOMPH.

And then there's Alison (left), the self-proclaimed socially awkward hopeful, who received blonde extensions that really brightened her look.

For about 4 years now, I have been telling myself to experiment with a different hairstyle. I have yet to gather up enough courage to go forth with this temptation. But, something new may be a good way to start college. Whether it's a new wardrobe, new haircut, or nose job, we should really try to switch things up a bit. I am not telling you to lose your yourself in the process, but a makeover is a chance to chisel away to a more unique "you."

Makeover? winny needs it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Little Bunny Foo Foo

I want a bunny. Do I even need to explain myself? Who doesn't want a bunny? I got really interested in getting one when when I was watching the OC a couple of months ago. The gang (Seth, Summer, Ryan...etc.) are packing up for college. In one scene, Summer shows Seth her new traveling companion, Pancakes. Here's the clip, courtesy of

Pros in getting a bunny:
-They are cute
-They are potty trainable
-They are clean
-They fit in a traveling tote
-They don't move when you hold them
-They don't bark or whine
-They are quiet
-They don't talk back
-They don't show emotions

Cons in getting a bunny:
-It's an investment to take care of them
-They can smell
-They don't respond back to commands
-They can't protect themselves
-They are quiet
-They don't talk back
-They don't show emotions
-And like any pet or significant others, they require time, energy, and committment

I think bunnies are the cutest things in the world. I especially like the ones with the flobby ears, because they look just hopped out of a picture book. If you ever want to make a girl (or guy) super happy, buy her (or him) a bunny.

winny wants it

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hoodie Scarf

Even though the weather has been absolutely goregous these couple of days, the nights are far from warm and cozy. That is why I am going ga-ga for this $38 Urban Outfitters Rugby Hoodie Scarf. I must say, before I get too excited, that I was not very fond of this item at first. I thought the concept of the whole thing was a bit bogus. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized how useful it would be to have a hoodie scarf. Not only does the hoodie scarf provides like an usual scarf, it covers the ears as well! The ears are neglected quite a lot, which is just not right. If the rugby look does not suit your fancy, Urban Outfitters ran several other versions of this scarf. Unfortunately, Urban Outfitters stopped producing them for spring. I guess, we'll just have to wait until next winter.

How unfortunate, becuase winny wants it. poor soul.
Now let me know what you think. Love it or Hate it?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Calorie-Free Indulgence

I have been craving for this Philosophy's Caramel Apple Shampoo since the holiday season when the Mercury News ran a small snippet about it. Apparently it has a watery consistency, but the smell lasts pretty long. There's something about smelling delectable that makes me giggle. Plus, this would really help curb my snacking...

Only thing I don't like about this product is that fact that its a 3-in-1. I guess it means less plastic in the long run (?), but it's still a draw back. It's like trying to split Gatorade between three people -it won't quench the thirst. Note to self: Better Analogies.

Nevertheless, winny wants it.